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My name is Fabio, and I am a senior full stack Web Developer.
On this this site you will find some freebies to download, like responsive templates,
jQuery plugins and so on. You will also find some of my main side Projects!
Enjoy and feel free to contact me.


--- FREEBIES ---

Responsive Templates, jQuery plugins and many other things...

Responsive One Page Business Template

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Bootstrap 3 Carousel Fullscreen

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Coffe Break Responsive Template

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Responsive Infinite Scroll Tutorial

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Responsive jQuery Single Fade Page

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Zurb Foundation Responsive Starter Template

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Twitter Bootstrap Buttons Theme

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jQuery Smartscroll Plugin

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Here are some of the side Projects i'm working on...

A Bootstrap template composer with easy drag&drop!

This is a Twitter Bootstrap template composer with easy drag&drop!

Drag elements from the left side bar and drop them in the white board below.
Each dropped element can be draged for changing the order.
Click save button when you are done or reset to clear what you have done.

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Easy Survey - survey creation tool

Here is a new project for creating basic and simple Survey for your business.

Once you have created a Survey you can share the link to your customers or embed it directly into your website.

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Lorem Icon - A icon placeholder service

Here is a new project! Lorem Icon a FREE icons placeholder for your Websites!


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Nice my Picture - Image filtering webapp

Here is a free Webapp that applies nice filters in Instagram style to your pictures.

Just upload a picture, choose the filter your most like and download the enhanced image! 

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